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Regulations for points claim

If points have not been accrued to your Bamboo Club account after your flight, you can claim your points:

Bamboo Airways flights are valid within 12 months.   Save a copy of your ticket, e-ticket, original copy of boarding pass, etc. until points are credited to your account or receive updates via email The time of claiming is within at least 7 days after flying.
Points are accumulated according to equivalent  class of ticket and service Members kindly provide Bamboo Club representative with your membership number

* Claim procedure:

Member can access his/her account through Bamboo Airways website

to monitor Bamboo Club account and its balance. Bamboo Club will send an account statement to member’s email monthly to recap the accumulated, redeemed points and the expiry for the points.

If his/her points are not displaying on the member’s account after he/she has completed the qualifying flight or used Bamboo Club’s partners’ services, member can request Bamboo Club to claim these missing points.

Member can retro claim his/her points through 1 of the 3 following methods:

Method 1: Member claims directly on Bamboo Club Member Portal.

Step 1: Access Bamboo Club account

Step 2: Proceed to Retro Claim

Step 3: Enter all necessary information for the requested Bamboo Airways flight.

Step 4: Submit claim and review the result through Member Portal within 7 days.

Method 2: Member claims directly at Bamboo Airway’s box offices.

Step 1: Contact agent directly and provide all necessary information of the requested flight at the nearest office.

Step 2: Login to Member Portal to review the claim result.

Method 3: Member sends flight information (PNR, ticket number, …) or a picture of the boarding pass to the following address: [email protected]


Wait-time to handle the claims:

• For Bamboo Airways’ flights: maximum 7 days
• For partnered airlines: maximum 14 days

Claim result announcement: Member reviews claim result through Member Portal.