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Explore South Korea

South Korea always welcomes visitors to explore the land of romantic movies, a rich culinary tradition and impressive architecture. If you want to book flight tickets to South Korea, you should not miss the following information!

Airport information in South Korea

Incheon International Airport (airport code ICN): This is the main and largest airport in Seoul, which is about 50 km to the West of the center. The airport consists of 2 terminals, 111 boarding gates, 52 self-service kiosks and a state-of-the-art luggage system that can handle 31,000 luggage per hour. The terminal is fully equipped with amenities including luggage trolleys, catering services, souvenir shops, etc.

Attractions in South Korea

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: This is the largest palace in South Korea which cannot be missed when visiting the land of kimchi. The large, quiet palace comprises 4 small palaces. Coming here, in addition to learning the history of the palace, you may rent a Hanbok to dress up as a beautiful princess or prince.
  • Nami Island: This place is characterized by rich and impressive vegetation. Especially in the autumn, Nami Island wears a brilliant orange shirt. If you have the opportunity to visit here, you should not forget to take a boat on the river, take the cable car or wander and imagine yourself as the main actor in the legendary love movie “Winter Sonata”!
  • Ulleung Island Coastal Path: For those who love to travel and explore nature, the coastal path built on a vertical cliff is the ideal choice. Standing on the heights, you may enjoy the very fresh air.

Ideal travel time

South Korea is bestowed by nature with a mild climate, with a clear division into 4 seasons including springs, summers, autumns and winters. South Korea has its own beauty in each season that captivates many travelers. However, the most ideal time to visit South Korea is in the autumn (from September to November) because you may comfortably visit everywhere in the chilly weather at this time. You can also visit Korea in spring (from March to May) to admire the cherry blossoms.

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