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You can find out how to earn points from Bamboo Club membership program here.

In order to claim missing points, please kindly log in to your Bamboo Club account through this link and click on Claim Points to proceed. You can also send a copy of your actual or electronic ticket/boarding pass or receipt (when using services from non-airline partners of Bamboo Airways) to Bamboo Club at [email protected], or bring them to the nearest Bamboo Airways office to update missing points to your account.

We regret to inform you that you cannot transfer Bamboo Club points to other frequent flyer programs of other airlines, even if they are a part of the Sky Team Alliance.

According to the program’s regulations, each member can only register for one Bamboo Club account.

Members are advised to quickly contact Bamboo Club ([email protected])and provide your full name, email, phone number, Identity card/passport. We will inform you of your account number after the account owner verification process.

You can log into your Bamboo Club account at or contact Bamboo Club ([email protected]) to change your profile information.

Kindly update your account as soon as possible to receive your membership card and be up to date with the latest information from the program.

You can start earning miles right after registration. A membership card will be sent to your address within 15 days after you have taken one eligible flight (Business / Plus )with Bamboo Airways. Please provide your Bamboo Club membership number when you make reservations and check-in at the airport.

You need to provide your email address to:

– Receive your Bamboo Club membership number, points notifications, confirmation or responding emails from us once you have successfully enrolled in the Bamboo Club program.

– Receive the latest promotions from Bamboo Club.

You can register to become a member at

You can also contact our ticket agencies, customer service hotline at 19001166 to register.

We regret to inform you that qualifying points are only for members flying Bamboo Airways.

Bamboo Club members can accumulate points from flights on Bamboo Airways within 12 months before registration by:

Log in to your Bamboo Club account through this link [] and click on Claim Points.

Or sending to email: [email protected] (boarding pass/ e-ticket and invoice attached to email).

Members can file claims for missing points within 12 months from the date of your Bamboo Airways flight by:

Log in to your Bamboo Club account through this link [] and click on Claim Points.

Or sending to email: [email protected] (boarding pass/ e-ticket and invoice attached to email).

If you lost your Bamboo Club membership card or did not receive it due to a change of address without notice, please kindly contact Bamboo Club for further instructions [email protected].

Please update your profile if there is any change in your address.

Bamboo Airways regrets to inform you we cannot allow this. The accumulated points for each flight can only be credited in one frequent flyer account.

According to the Bamboo Club’s terms, earned points will be based on the booking class of the purchased ticket. In this case, your points will be calculated based on your economy class ticket.

Bamboo Club’s Tier Matching Program was eliminated on September 30th, 2019. You are more than welcome to sign up for a Bamboo Club membership in order to accrue points and receive numerous member exclusive benefits for each of our Membership Tiers.

Members are required to complete 30 qualifying Bamboo Plus class/Bamboo Business class flights or 45 Bamboo Economy class flights, or 3000 qualifying points to acquire the First tier.

Bamboo Club is only able to tier-match the appropriate membership tier, not the reward or qualifying points.

Bamboo Club provides this tier-matching from another airline’s loyalty program service to allow our Members to experience the equivalent benefits at Bamboo Airways. Members cannot transfer the accrued points from other airlines to Bamboo Airways or vice versa. The qualifying flights and points will only be accumulated through qualifying flights with Bamboo Airways.

When Members have not completed any flights with Bamboo Airways but registered for tier-matching, Members will still be provided the membership card and entitled to the respective tier benefits (access to Business Check-in Desk, fee waiver on additional checked baggage, access to priority line at boarding gate, etc.)

In the case of not registering for tier-matching, Members are required to complete at least one Bamboo Plus class or Bamboo Business class flight for qualification and card distribution.