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Pet travel services

Bamboo Airways provides pet travel services in both cabin and aircraft hold. To ensure safety for your beloved pet, please refer to the conditions below.

Pets can be transported in the following two ways:

  • Checked as cargo in aircraft hold or
  • In cabin, applicable for passengers with non-stop itineraries operated by Bamboo Airways (not applicable for connecting flights).

Service fees:


Domestic flight

International flight
South East of Asia North East of Asia Europe/ Australia
Pet in Cabin   3,000,000 150 250 400
Animal in hold
9 kg/ 20 lb 500,000 50 100 200
9 kg/20 lb –  16 kg/ 35 lb 800,000 75 125 250
16 kg/ 35 lb – 32 kg/ 70 lb 1,200,000 125 175 275


– The above fees are exclusive of value-added tax (VAT).

– The above fees are applied to total weight of a animal and 01 kennel.

– The above fees are exclusive of the cost of the adjacent seat to place animal in case the kennel size exceeds 35 cm (length) x 30 cm (width) x 20 cm (height).

For Animal in hold (AVIH)

– Applicable to both regular and charter flights of Bamboo Airways.

– Domestic flights: accept on routes operated only by Embraer aircraft (Hanoi – Con Dao, Vinh – Con Dao, HCM City – Con Dao, Da Nang – Con Dao, Hanoi – Dien Bien, HCM City – Dien Bien, Hanoi – Rach Gia and vice versa).

– International flights: only accept on routes operated by B787 aircraft.

For Pet in Cabin (PETC) 

– Applicable to all types of aircraft that Bamboo Airways is operating.

– Applicable to both Business class and Economy class

Preparation before flight

Passengers traveling with pets should contact Bamboo Airways hotlines or official ticket offices at least 24 hours before the departure time.

Please click here for more information on animal types, weight limits, health requirements, and qualified kennels.

Documents required

Passengers must contact the appropriate quarantine office, embassy, or consulate to confirm all necessary documents such as import/export permit, quarantine certificate, health certificate, and vaccination certificate.

Pet documents, such as vaccination certificates and other documents, must be valid and complete as required by the countries where passengers arrive.

Travel restrictions 

Extreme weather during transportation sometimes affects your pet’s health. Therefore, pet travel service is not allowed in case of extreme heat or cold during the itinerary.

At the airport

Passengers must arrive at the airport early enough to complete all necessary procedures before the flight. Bamboo Airways advises passengers to arrive at least two hours before the flight.

Preparation before flight

Important information: Some dog breeds are sensitive to temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and noise when traveling by plane. Therefore, for the safety of your pet, Bamboo Airways does not provide travel services for the below listed dog/ cat breeds.

Animal in hold (AVIH)

– Acceptance: dog, cat, bird.

– Each passenger is accepted to travel with a maximum of 3 AVIH

– The total number of animals in hold on one flight shall not exceed 9 pets.

– Total weight of pets and kennel must not exceed 32kg. Transported as freight if the total weight of AVIH and kennel is over 32kg.

– The total three measurements of the kennel must not exceed 203cm.

Pet in Cabin (PETC)

– Acceptance: dog, cat.

– Each passenger is allowed to travel with a maximum of 2 PETC, Business class passenger is allowed to travel with a maximum of 1 PETC.

– The total number of pets in Economy Cabin shall not exceed 02 pets; the total number of pets in Business Cabin shall not exceed 01 pet.

– Total weight of pets and kennel must not exceed 10kg. Transported as checked baggage if the total weight of pet and kennel is over 10kg.

– The kennel must be placed on the aircraft floor, in front of the passenger seat if measurements do not exceed 35cm (length) x 30cm (width) x 20cm (height).

– Passengers must pay for the additional seat next to PETC if the kennel has at least one side exceeding the above measurements.

– Maximum accepted measurements: 50cm (length) x 40cm (width) x 95cm (height).

Health requirements

– Pet must be at least 10 weeks old, in good health, and friendly with humans.

– Pet should not have an unpleasant smell or cause harm to staff, other animals, or baggage.

– Pregnant pet is not accepted.

Kennel requirements

– Kennel must be large enough for pets to stand, sit, turn, and lie down comfortably.

– Accepted material includes plastic, wood, metal, weld metal mesh, etc. The kennel sides must be solid and ensure ventilation. Interiors must be smooth with no sharp edges or protuberances that can cause injury to pets during transportation.

– One end of the kennel must be open, covered with fixed bars to prevent pets from escaping. Kennel door must be designed on one side and securely locked for safety.

– The kennel floor must be of solid material and water-proof.

– Any wheels must be removed or folded before departure.

– One kennel with one pet is accepted, except a maximum of two (02) birds may be kept in one suitable cage; the bird cage should be covered with a muslin curtain to reduce light.

– Dog kennel must be made of solid material, rigid plastic, metal, or strong weld metal mesh. The wood material is not accepted. The kennel door must be of metal.

– Cats as checked can be put in a wood kennel.

– Kennel must be equipped with food and water containers for pets.

Other requirements

– Passengers booking pet travel services must bring special tools to deodorize and clean the pet’s feces and urine in the cabin.

– Pets must stay in the kennel during the flight unless they are taken to the locked lavatory. Passengers must do the cleaning for pets. Pets are only allowed out of the lavatory after they return to the locked kennel

– If flight time is over 12 hours, passengers must provide water and keep it from being overfilled.

– Pet must be fed at least 4 to 6 hours before departure.

– If flight time is over 12 hours, passengers need to prepare food for pets.

– Pet is not allowed to use any kind of sedatives before departure.



Some dog breeds are sensitive to temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and noise when traveling by plane. Therefore, to protect pets from the risk, Bamboo Airways does not accept the transport of the following breeds of dogs/cats:

No Snub/Pug-nosed Dog No Snub/Pug-nosed Dog
1 Affenpinscher 22 Laika (*)
2 Akita 23 Japanese Boxer
3 American Bulldog (*) 24 Japanese Chin
4 American Bully (*) 25 Japanese Pug
5 American Staffordshire Terrier (*) 26 Japanese Spaniel (Chin)
6 American Pit Bull Terrier (*) 27 Kangal (*)
7 Boston Terrier 28 Mastiff (all breeds)
8 Boxer 29 Ovtcharka (*)
9 Brussels Griffin 30 Pekingese
10 Bulldog 31 Pit Bull
11 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 32 Pug
12 Chinese Pug 33 Shar Pei
13 Chow chow 34 Shih Tzu
14 Dogo Argentino 35 Staffordshire Bull Terrier (*)
15 Dogue de Bordeaux 36 Spaniels (English Toy, Cavalier King Charles, Tibetan …)
16 English Bulldog 37 Tibetan Spaniel
17 English Toy Spaniel 38 Tosa dog (*)
18 French Bulldog 39 Rottweiler (*)
19 Fila Brazillero 40 Wolfdog (*)
20 Lhasa Apso 41 Breeds of hybrid dogs form the breeds (*) listed on the list
21 Greyhound


No Snub-nosed Cat
1 Burmese
2 Exotic
3 Himalayan
4 Persian