19th August 2021 - 14:52

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Dear Valued Customer,

Bamboo Club takes pride in being a companion with members on every route of Bamboo Airways in the past time. With our understanding of the need of Members who value a convenient connection, from August 8, 2021, Bamboo Club would like to introduce to you Bamboo Club’s Zalo Official Account.

With this multi-functional application operating on both mobile and computer, members can contact Bamboo Club via messages, Zalo calls much like between friends. In addition, the promotion programs and benefits of members are also updated quickly and smoothly.

Members, please connect with us by clicking the “Interested” button on Bamboo Club’s Zalo OA!


I. Bamboo Club’s Zalo OA

Members can find Bamboo Club’s Zalo OA to follow (interested) in 3 different ways:

1. First way: Search for: “Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways” on your personal Zalo account, it will display as below:

2. Second way: Scan the QR code:

3. Third way: Click on the following link:

You will see the Bamboo Club’s Zalo OA as below:

After successfully finding Bamboo Club’s Zalo, please click “Interested” in the blue box to update membership benefits and the latest information of Bamboo Club.

After clicking “Interested”, Bamboo Club will send greetings to members via text message as shown below:

– To message Bamboo Club, members can click on the 4 small dots to the left side of the screen (next to the Sign Up button).

– If you are not yet a member, click on  “Register” -> the screen displays the register process, please fill in the fields as instructed. After successfully registering, the system will send out the member number to your registered email. Members will use this number to accumulate points as well as redeeming for privileges when flying with Bamboo Airways.

– To check for current available privileges for member tiers, please click  “Member Privileges”.

“News”: Bamboo Club’s lastest news will be displayed here.

II. Contact

If you have any question, please contact us via:

Please check out available information of Frequent flyer program Bamboo Club in the attached link.

Our sincere thanks,

Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways