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Cheap flights from Hanoi to Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul


Bamboo Airways officially opened the sale of routes Hanoi – TaipeiHanoi – Tokyo, Hanoi – Seoul to meet the travel needs of Vietnamese people wishing to study, work, etc., foreigners in Vietnam wishing to return home. , go on a business trip … to satisfy the conditions on entry and exit of the countries.


Hanoi – Taipei (HAN – TPE) 03/11/2021-29/12/2021 08:35 12:55 Wednesday From 7,016,000 VND*
Hanoi – Tokyo (HAN – NRT) 02/11/2021-29/12/2021 00:10 06:40 Tuesday From 8,349,000 VND*
Hanoi– Seoul (HAN – ICN)   05/11/2021-29/12/2021  00:50  07:10  Friday From 3,649,000 VND*
Flight route Period Take-off time

(Local time)

Landing time

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Day of week Price

*All prices do not include VAT, fee



– The flight schedule is subject to changes by the government regulations

– Government travel restrictions are subject to change and are sometimes applied without sufficient notice

– Passengers are required to have adequate travel documents for all flights on all concerned airlines and to abide by national laws and regulations. Bamboo Airways does not take responsible if passengers are denied entry into any country. Please visit here for more details.

To receive the latest updates, please contact the embassy of this country.