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Seat Upgrade Bid



You made a booking in Economy Class with Bamboo Airways and you want to enjoy a Business Class experience with various privileges like a true Business Class passenger.

With Bamboo Airways, for the first time you will be able to upgrade to a higher cabin class through the form of “Seat Upgrade bidding”.


1. Outstanding features

Experience Seat Upgrade bidding with flexible price options. Online purchase in just a few easy steps, easy to understand and convenient.
Upgrade to Business Class with all Business privileges, including increased Baggage allowance, Business Lounge, Priority check-in, Business Class meals, seats with wide leg room and privacy during the flight. No payment is required if the Upgrade has not been successful.(No money deducted when submitting a bid)

2. How to join

  • Please ensure that your Bamboo Airways Economy-ticket has been issued and you have not taken any flight segment (in any of our current Economy fare class, including Economy Saver Max, Economy Saver, Economy Smart and Economy Flex). Then you want to upgrade to Business Class in your upcoming flight.
  • As soon as your booking is eligible, Bamboo Airways will send you an email invitation to join Seat Upgrade. Please ensure that your email address is correctly indicated when making a booking!
  • Click on the link in the email you received to be redirected to the Seat Upgrade bidding page and select the bid amount you are most willing to pay. The higher your bid amount is, the higher chance of being successfully upgraded you have.
  • Bamboo Airways will send a notification email to you if your bid to upgrade is successful.

3. Conditions to join Seat Upgrade

  • Your Bamboo Airways fare class is Economy Class.
  • There is/are sufficient Business seat(s) in the related flight(s) for your Booking.

Note: The following conditions are not eligible to join Seat Upgrade

  • Your ticket has not been issued.
  • You are traveling with an infant/pet or you are receiving medical care; you are a child traveling alone or a young passenger traveling alone.
  • Your group consists of more than 09 members in the same reservation code.
  • Your booking has not been confirmed.
  • Your flight is not operated by Bamboo Airways.

4. Bidding submission and acceptance timeline of Seat Upgrade

  • An email invitation to join Seat Upgrade will be sent to you at the earliest 07 days prior to the departure of your flight, provided that your booking is eligible for bidding. Or click here to check if your booking is eligible for a Seat Upgrade bidding.
  • The bidding window closes 26 hours prior to the departure of each eligible flight. Please note that a bid must be submitted/ changed before this time.
  • An upgrade will be accepted at latest 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of each flight segment. Bamboo Airways will send you a notification email if your bid is successful/unsuccessful.


5. Terms and Conditions

The Seat Upgrade is non-refundable and non-transferable if the passenger voluntarily cancels that flight segment.

The amount paid for an Upgrade of a flight segment for a passenger will be refundable only in specific scenarios mentioned below:

+ That flight segment has been cancelled by Bamboo Airways.

+ There is a change in flight schedule by Bamboo Airways where the passenger is unable to accommodate the rescheduled timing (subject to the Policies of Customer Support in irregular situations of Bamboo Airways).

+ The passenger voluntarily rebooks or reroutes that flight segment(s) (provided that its fare conditions allow for voluntary rebook/reroute) and passenger needs to contact Bamboo Airways Call Center prior to the scheduled departure of the first flight segment for the refund request.

+ The passenger misses the flight on that Flight Segment because he/she was on a delayed inbound connecting flight operated by Bamboo Airways.

– Refer to the full Terms and Conditions of “Seat Upgrade” here.

– Refer to the FAQ here.