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Check-in at the airport

For your great travel with Bamboo Airways, please refer to the following procedures for your check-in at the airport.

Guide for your check-in at the airport

Step 1: At check-in counter

At the airport, please follow the electronic board displaying flight information at the terminal for your check-in counter. Upon arrival at the counter, ground service staff shall check your PNR/ ticket number and your travel documents. Check-in baggage will be placed on the conveyor belt for weighing and transport separately.

Step 2: Receive boarding pass

Upon completing check-in procedures, ground service staff shall pay back your documents and boarding pass stated boarding gate.

Step 3: At security area

Upon receiving boarding pass, please go to security area. Then, you shall be required to take-off your belongings such as watch, shoes, bag, belt… then put them into a tray and go through screening machine.

Step 4: At boarding gate

You should present at boarding gate around 30 to 40 minutes before departure time.

Upon waiting for boarding, passengers of Business cabin or having Voucher for enter Business lounge with service of First Lounge by Bamboo Airways located on 3rd floor, Terminal T1, Noi Bai international airport.

At least 15 minutes before departure time, if you are not at boarding gate, Bamboo Airways shall proceed your no-show as our regulations.

Step 5: Boarding

After boarding the plane, please choose your right seat number stated on the ticket. Don’t forget, put your suitcase, backpack or belongings in the overhead luggage compartment then close the door and sit down, fasten your seat belt, waiting for the plane to take off.


  • Upon schedule change, opening and closing time of check-in counter shall be adjusted in line with new departure time.
  • Bamboo Airways refuses carriage if you are at check-in counter after the time of closing it.
  • Bamboo Airways shall not be responsible for travel documents and other legal procedures related to the your failure to be at boarding gate according to the time specified above.

Check-in timing at the airport

Timeline of opening, closing types of check-in


Timeline of opening flight

Time of closing a flight before

scheduled departure time 

Domestic flight International flight
Kiosk check-in Within 24 hours – 60 minutes – 60 minutes
Check-in via mobile device Within 24 hours – 60 minutes – 60 minutes
Online check-in Within 24 hours – 60 minutes – 60 minutes

Time of opening, closing counter and closing boarding gate at the airport.



Time before

scheduled departure time

Domestic flight International flight
Time of opening counter 02 hours before scheduled departure time 03 hours before scheduled departure time
Time of closing economy counter – 40 minutes – 50 minutes
Time of closing Business counter, passenger with First card of Bamboo Club – 35 minutes – 45 minutes
Time of closing flight – 30 minutes – 40 minutes
Time of accepting additional passengers Within 10 minutes before closing flight Within 10 minutes before closing flight
Time of closing boarding gate – 15 minutes – 15 minutes

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