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President message

In May 2017, Bamboo Airways was established. One and a half years later, on 16/1/2019, our maiden commercial flight took off, marking the officially launch of a new airline in the sky.

Many people asked me the reason why I call this airline “Tre Viet” and “Bamboo Airways”. The answer is simple. Because bamboo is the symbol of industriousness, intense vitality and boundless ability to develop. For young generations, Bamboo is also associated with the homeland image.

Building Bamboo Airways, we desire to bring aviation industry the nation’s pride and the unique Vietnamese inspiration on the discovery journey. This is also the reason why we chose the message “More than just a flight” for Bamboo Airways.

This message indicates that Bamboo Airways’ development path always focuses on customer’s experiences. Our passengers will receive not only a flight but also an emotional journey when experiencing the 5-star-oriented-services following the criteria: Hospitality, Attentiveness, Dedication and Responsibility.

Bamboo Airways respects and listens to all the passenger’s rhythm emotion. We put customers at the center of everything and believe that attentiveness is not an added service but our core principle. Each Bamboo Airways member is an “ambassador”, who spread the inspiration on every journey.

Our competitive advantage is the strong combination with FLC’s resort ecosystem. We maximize the customer’s benefits through the attentive service quality, the competitive pricing and various services. Thus, our customers will have the memorable experiences with us.

Since the first flight on 16/1/2019, Bamboo Airways is coming closer to our goals. Passenger’s precious encouragement is our motivation to go further and fly higher.

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to your accompanying us in the days ahead. Besides the efforts to enhance service quality, Bamboo Airways will remain our commitment to environmental protection and community contribution. Each flight of our passenger is not only the happiness journey but also the strong belief and proudness when flying Bamboo Airways.

With my utmost gratitude !

Trinh Van Quyet
President of Bamboo Airways