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Bamboo Airways cares for disabled passengers and will do everything to make your travel experience a happy one. Below are some guidelines to help make your trip easier. If you have any questions please contact us.

Deaf or Blind Passenger

Medical Oxygen or Stretcher Service

Please Note: A passenger requiring medical oxygen or stretcher service must travel with an escort. The escort must be capable of attending to the passenger’s medical needs and assisting them to the exit in event of an emergency evacuation. The escort must have a medical professional qualification. The passenger must contact Bamboo Airways’ office at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled departure time of your flight. Bamboo Airways can, at its discretion, refuse a travel request be if we feel we cannot safely accommodate the passenger or we were informed less than 72 hours before departure.

Passenger requiring medical oxygen or stretcher services will be charged. Please note that this charge shall not include the costs of ambulance, hospitalization, expenses of travelling attendant(s) or other ground expenses (if any).

Wheelchair Service

Bamboo Airways offers passengers wheelchair service including Wheelchair for cabin (WCHC), Wheelchair for step (WCHS), Wheelchair for ramp (WCHR) on board.

Due to airport limitations some locations cannot offer wheelchair for step support. If you are travelling to an airport not listed below and you require this service please contact us so we can arrange alternative methods to assist you.

Bamboo Airways’ staff and your escort will assist you with the wheelchair and other devices during your flight, including boarding and deplaning the aircraft.

If you require this service, please advise us at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of flight and contact our branch office directly for service charge information or our hotline 1900 1166.

Passengers are required to be at the airport early to complete all procedures before flight. Bamboo Airways recommends that you should arrive at least two hours prior to your schedule departure time.

Passenger requiring special medical service

Please pre-book service via Call Center 1900 1166 or Bamboo Airways agents.

Document completion time:

Passenger must complete required documents within 14 days before the departure of each flight. At the airport, a special service passenger is accepted for carriage providing they meet the basic requirements below:

  • Advance reservation and confirmed by Bamboo Airways.
  • All required documents are completed.
  • Passenger is in stable health and fit to travel by air.
  • The carriage of a passenger does not affect to the safety of the aircraft,  cabin crew  and other passengers as well as their property.

Please contact Bamboo Airways’ branch offices for additional information.