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Depending on size, large or bulky items can be carried

Special baggage items like sports equipment, strollers and other items can be carried on Bamboo Airways. The list below is a guide to help you plan your travel. If you have a bulky item that does not meet the dimensions listed please let us know.

Special Items:


Such items are put into Luggage Compartment. If they are oversized, we consider them a seat-occupied baggage in cabin and charge  fee for an added seat such as: baby stroller, wheelchair, crutches, prostheses, medical equipment, medications for passengers (licensed by a medical authority), compositions engraving, musical instruments v.v…

Bulky Items

Such item has a dimension with the length of over  1000 mm ~ 39 in, included wheels, handles and packing; sport equipments such as golfing / skating / skiing equipments, bicycles, v.v… . Baggage exceeding dimensions allowance will be charge fee depending on airports.

Bicycles are transported as checked baggage : normal bicycles, sport bicycles, motorized bicycles (heat or electric motors, etc.)

Sport Items

Golfing equipment: 01 set must not exceed 20 kg in weight. Maximum of 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, 01 golf shoes, 01 T-shaped piece marking golfing spot.

Skiing equipment: 01 set of water / snow skiing board, 01 pair of sticks and 01 pair of shoes or skiing boots. The others apart from the above items are not considered as the water / snow skiing kit.

Diving equipment: 01 diving suit, 01 snorkel, 01 pair of shoes, 01 mask. Not transported: pressure gauge, oxygen tank.

Glider: 01 set of glider with  maximum dimensions of 250 cm x 100 cm x 80 cm.

Archery instrument: includes 01 archery, 01 box of arrows and 01 repair kit.

Fishing equipment: 01 to 02 fishing rods, 01 snare, 01 pair of shoes and 01 box of fishing gear.

Bowling: 01 bag containing 01 to 02 balls and a pair of shoes.

Surfing board / kite/ sail: is not allowed to exceed 250 cm in length.

Seat-occupied Baggage


It is called cabin baggage such as  vases, sculptures, musical instruments, fragile or valuable goods. They are not allowed over 75 kg per seat in weight and 40 cm x 50 cm x 160 cm per seat in dimension, adjoining passengers.

Passengers are required to pre-book at least 48 hours before flight date and to present 40 minutes at boarding gate before departure time.

The weight of oversized luggage will be counted into the total weight of checked baggage. If you decide to carry oversized luggage, you must pay for each package on each flight. Each passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of two oversized luggage. In addition, travel-aided or medical equipments and supplies for children will be exempt from charging fee.