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If you have a lot of baggage we can carry it for you

Even if your baggage exceeds Bamboo Airways’ baggage allowance upon arrival at the airport, you are still able to purchase excess baggage at check-in counter.

• Maximum weight and dimensions (width + height + depth) of a checked baggage are limited at 32 kg and 203 cm respectively.
• Each checked baggage is issued a luggage tag at check-in counter and carried on your same flight.
• You can buy extra checked baggage at a weight of 5 kg; 10 kg; 15 kg; 20 kg; 25 kg; 30 kg; 35 kg; 40 kg.
• Fees for excess baggage paid at Airport, (fees should be settled at least 3 hours before estimated departure time) or via Bamboo Airways’ booking office, agents, website or call center.

Click here for more details and booking extra luggage.


1. The prices exclude 10% VAT
2. Prepaid baggage is available for all our passengers. And you are allowed to carry a maximum of 40 kg checked baggage.
3. Pre-paid baggage cannot be endorsed, rerouted, refunded or exchanged to other services or tickets.
4. If the weight of your baggage is less than your paid baggage amount the balance cannot be refunded.
5. Purchase checked baggage at the airport:

• For Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business: Checked baggage is charged at 40,000 VND/ kg (excluded VAT).

• For Bamboo Eco:
If you purchase checked baggage at the airport, charge is counted as follows:
– About 20 kg or less: Charge is at 300,000 VND / 20 kg (excluded VAT).
– Over 20 kg: Charge of 20 kg + charge of unit price per kilogram.

For example: a checked baggage of 22 kg should be paid: 300,000 + 40,000 x 2 = 380,000 (excluded VAT).

If you has already bought your checked baggage, then you need to buy more at the airport, you will be charged at the unit price of 40,000 VND/ kg (excluded VAT).

A checked baggage of 20 kg (300,000 VND) purchased at the airport is only applicable for Bamboo Eco, which has not been pre-paid before. And it is not applied to Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business.