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If your bag is lost, damaged or left behind we will help you

Even with care and attention to your bags things can go wrong. The guide below details the steps you should follow if your bag has been damaged, lost or if you have forgotten your bag.

Should your luggage be lost or damaged upon arrival, please report this immediately to our ground services office. Our staff will help you

Lost Luggage

If your bag does not arrive on your flight please contact our ground team at your destination airport for immediate assistance. They will start a search process that will locate your bag and get it delivered to you.

If you have have notified our team and want an update on progress of locating and returning your bag please contact our call center.

Damaged Luggage

Bamboo Airways carries any fragile items and perishable goods (fresh and perishable food) and valuable items in the checked baggage subject to a liability waiver.

We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the above mentioned valuable items.

Forgotten Luggage

Any property discovered within the cabin will be kept at the airport of arrival. Please contact us via our hotline 19001166 for more details and assistance.

If your baggage is not collected on the arrival date, Bamboo Airways will store it for 3 days then apply storage charges. If a passenger fails to claim their baggage within 90 days its disposal is subject to Bamboo Airways’ discretion.