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“A journey of ten thousand miles…

…is always started with footsteps.”

And Bamboo Airways’ people determined to put our initial footsteps on new lands with an aspiration to make the dream of flying become true for all Vietnamese people. Each trip will give us new experience, new discovery and memorable emotion.

By introducing in Vietnam a new business model known as the Hybrid Model, we – the explorers who wish to go with you as a companion on domestic and international flights with integrated services between traditional and low cost airlines.

Through small and prudent steps, we hope to provide our passengers with a fine service quality at a more affordable and cost efficient level to optimize the benefits that customers deserve such services.

The journey to a leading five-star airline in Vietnam and in the region is a long way to go with a business-to-market strategy. For every company, profit is always an important financial indicator for success. But your benefits and satisfaction from our services will be the most important indicator.

With Bamboo Airways, everyone can fly no matter who you are. As long as you have a dream of flying, we believe that there is always a chance for us to accompany.

For each airline, the experienced journey is preserved with its own values that make a mark in the hearts of passengers. “More than just a flight” is our commitment to a perfect service, a comfort on every trip alongside the added values that are customized for each passenger. The flexible combination of resort services from parent group – FLC, in the five-star resort complexes and the international standard golf courses plus the aviation service are the experiences that you will save about us.

Each step in our journey is the silent contribution of thousands of employees behind the Bamboo Airways brand. Although being worn Cabin Crew’s top fashionable uniforms created by top designer or being sweat drops on the face of maintenance technicians, the entire Bamboo Airways team has been striving to become the first five-star airline in Vietnam. With the passion, integrity and especially hospitality, we will step by step conquer that peak with the pride of the Vietnamese people.

The youth and the desire for growth have inspired us to choose bamboo as our representative image and the company’s name. We believe that bamboo is one of the trees associated with traditional Vietnamese culture, a symbol of vitality, always reaching out to the sun and fresh plus peaceful green color. That is also direction for our activities to make Bamboo Airways be an airline of hospitality bringing Vietnam’s inspiration on every exploring trip !

Be experiencing with us !

With sincerity from the heart bottom of Bamboo Airways’ people !

                                                                      Trinh Van Quyet
President and CEO of Bamboo Airways