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About Bamboo Airways

The airline of hospitality

Established in 2017, Bamboo Airways is the first private airline in Vietnam aiming to provide international-oriented services.

Bamboo Airways started its journey with a core strategy of connecting potential lands, thereby promoting the good values of Vietnamese people and culture to the world. We have developed an extensive domestic network connecting 21/22 airports in Vietnam, while spreading our wings further to crucial hubs in Asia-Pacific, Europe, etc., contributing to making Vietnam an aviation gateway to Southeast Asia and Asia in general.

Bamboo Airways has focused on pursuing the quality-driven full-service model. As of now, the airline has affirmed its status as one of three leading carriers in Vietnam, with three crucial pillars: The sense of quality and hospitality, the growing inter-regional and intercontinental network, and the leading on-time performance in Vietnam.

Diverse fare classes

For every passenger to have a chance of flying, Bamboo Airways’ policy offers diverse and flexible fare classes, including Bamboo Economy, Bamboo Premium, and Bamboo Business. Each class has 2 fares: Flex and Smart, except Bamboo Economy which has additional Saver and Saver Max. 

Each fare has compatible benefits: luggage, meals, ticket change, seat selection, check-in priority, access to business lounges, accumulative points in Bamboo Club, etc., thus providing suitable options and meeting passengers’ needs and budgets.

Dedicated, professional services 

In the hope of providing excellent services at every step of the journey, Bamboo Airways has always focused on optimizing customers’ experience at every touchpoint.

On the ground, Bamboo Airways operates a specialized First Lounge chain, the most extensive scale among Vietnamese private carriers. Bamboo Airways’ First Lounges are designed with elegant space and distinct sectors to fulfill the different needs of passengers. Diverse menus with the finest food embracing tasty local flavors of each destination will take passengers on cloud nine before even onboarding.

Throughout the journey, Bamboo Airways continues to prioritize comfortable experiences for passengers. We focus on constantly updating diverse menus bearing the quintessence of the world’s food culture to bring new experiences and catch the latest trends.

Our cabin crew is “sky ambassadors” who radiate a sense of hospitality and dedication. As the saying goes, “what comes from the heart, goes to the heart” our cabin crew always welcomes passengers with bright smiles and a right hand on the heart. Throughout the flight, it is passengers’ satisfaction that we remain our top priority.

Grasping the significance of aircraft interiors in delivering satisfying experiences, we have put our heart into every detail of each compartment: color, seat type, fabric, leather, space design, seat arrangement, etc. Everything combines to offer the utmost comfort and convenience for passengers on every journey.

Bamboo Airways has won many passengers’ hearts for its service quality, proven by a high customer satisfaction rate and many prestigious awards such as The Airline with Best Service, Asia’s Leading Regional Airline, Most Improved Airline in Asia, Best Cabin Crew in Asia, etc.

It’s Bamboo Airways’ pride to offer millions of passengers the exciting journey to explore Vietnam and the world, with an attractive price and quality services originating from hospitality, thoroughness, and dedication. And we believe that means “more than just a flight!”